Biogenol Hair Products

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Biogenol Hair Care Products
Biogenol Violights Shampoo
Biogenol Shampoo
Biogenol Leave In Conditioner
Biogenol Reconditioner
Biogenol Hair Masque
Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque
Color Lover Hair Products

Biogenol Hair Care Products

Biogenol Hair Care Products  Are NO LONGER being made by the manufacturer Framesi has converted several of the products to their Color Lover Hair Products, I.Dentity and BY product lines. Here is our best conversion chart offering the closest comparable product, to help you.                         Click here for --->>> Biogenol PayPal Orders

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BIOGENOL Hair Care Products
Shampoos         Conditioners         Styling Aids         Hair Sprays

Framesi tells us they are discontinuing most of the Biogenol Line  Biogenol to Color Lover Conversion 

Biogenol Shampoos
| Nourishing Shampoo |  Replenishing Shampoo  |  Ultra Body Shampoo  |  Violights Shampoo  |

Biogenol Nourishing Shampoo for normal hair

Nourishing Shampoo | Biogenol Nourishing Shampoo | Framesi Nourishing Shampoo




- Sorry All Gone

color lover moisture shampoo

Biogenol Replenishing Shampoo for damaged hair 
                         has been replaced by -
Color Lover Moisture Shampoo   shown on right------->>>>

Replenishing Shampoo | Biogenol Replenishing Shampoo | Framesi Biogenol Replenishing Shampoo



- Sorry All Gone


color lover moisture shampoo
 Color Lover
Moisture Shampoo

Biogenol Ultra Body Shampoo for all hair types
                         has been replaced by
Color Lover Volume BoostShampoo
   shown on right------->>>>

Biogenol Ultra Body Shampoo | Framesi Ultra Body Shampoo | Framesi Biogenol Ultra Body ShampooMore Body means you get more strength & VOLUME hence the name change. --->>>


  - Sorry All Gone


color lover volume boost shampoo
Color Lover
Volume Boost

Biogenol Violights Shampoo for special needs hair

Biogenol Violights Shampoo |Violights Shampoo | Framesi Violights ShampooRemoves yellow, adds brightness to gray, white, pale blonde & highlighted blond hair. Apply to wet hair. Gently massage into a smooth even rich lather. Rinse completely. For additional color deposit, reapply shampoo and leave on hair 2-3 minutes.

Suggested use: Every third time you shampoo alternate with your regular daily shampoo.

CAUTION: This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary patch test should be made as directed on the bottle.

  Biogenol Violights Shampoo - Replaced by Color Lover Purple / Violet Shampoo now called Dynamic Blond  Shampoo 16.9oz  18.00 20.00

Biogenol Violights Shampoo |Violights Shampoo | Framesi Violights Shampoo

Biogenol Shampoo
Bathe Shampoo      Clarifying Shampoo      Nourishing Shampoo      Replenishing Shampoo
Ultra Body Shampoo      Violights Shampoo


Biogenol Conditioners
Leave In Conditioner      Moist-In Conditioner      Moisture Rinse Conditioner      Reconditioner
Step 7 Conditioner      Ultra Deep Masque      Heat Cap      Processing Caps

Biogenol Leave In Conditioner for all hair types

Biogenol Leave In conditioner | Framesi Leave In conditioner


Sorry Biogenol Leave In Conditioner is no longer available try Color Lover Hair Primer 11

We have several clients who are "HOOKED ON" Color Lover Hair Promer 11 and fro good reason. Their hair has improved tremendously. the ends have stopped shredding abd te new growth has remained healthier. WE feel this is a good transition the will result in better hair conditione for you!

8.5 oz Color Lover Hair Primer 11 -$19.80 22.00

One of the ladies in the salon had fine hair that kept breaking and tangling until she used the Color Lover Hair Primer 11. She was angry to discover our was empty, saying,

"First you get me hooked on
this great product that saves my hair ,and now you are out of stock! This is NOT RIGHT!"

Not to worry, I had just been slow about putting more Hair Primer on the shelf.


Hair Primer 11


Biogenol Moisture Rinse Conditioner for fine hair

Biogenol Moisture Rinse Conditioner |  Framesi Moisture Rinse Conditioner

As a replacement we think you will likes Framesi BY Pearl BY framesi PEARL CONDITIONERConditioner shown in the pearl colored  tube)  or Color Lover Moisture  Masque (on the far right). ALL 3 products made by FRAMESI.

If you like moisture rise we still have the 33.8oz liters below in the red color

  33.8 oz BY Pearl Conditioner  $32.00  40.00
16.9 oz Color Lover Moisture Conditioner  $20.00 

33.8 oz Moisture Rinse Conditioner $32.00 

color lover moisture conditioner

Biogenol Reconditioner for dry damaged hair

Biogenol Reconditioner | Framesi Biogenol Reconditioner




- Sorry All Gone



color lover moisture conditioner

Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque deep conditioner
Framesi Ultra Deep Masque #1 best repeat selling masque!

Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque | Framesi Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque | Framesi Utra Deep Masque

People at the company tell us "Color Lover Hair Masque  "is the same as Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque. In a new bottle that cost less so they passed on the savings to you.

Ultra deep masque was their best repeat selling product. So it only makes sense that Framesi would "roll it over" into their newest product line.


Use a Heat Cap below for extra deep conditioning treatment and to enhanced performance of Ultra Deep Masque or Color Lover Moisture Masque...

16 oz Color Lover Masque replaces Ultra Deep Masque 18.00 20.00
32 oz Color Lover Masque replaces Ultra Deep Masque 32.00 40.00

about Color Lover Moisture Masque

  • Color Lover Moisture  Masque Transforms you hair texture & feel! 
    Great for:
    • dull dry hair
    • rough or unruly hair - texture is transformed
    • over permed or color damaged hair
  • #1 Best repeat selling Masque with Quinoa
  • With four (4) types of conditioning ingredients, it transforms the texture of dull, rough and unruly hair adding moisture & strength back into your hair
  • Acts on the porosity of the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny
  • Exalts and protects your hair color
  • -
  • If you liked Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque you will love Color Lover Masque
    • both use the same base formula
    • both use the same fragrance
    • -Color Lover Moisture Masque uses Quinoa Protein
    • - Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque used wheat protein
    • Color Lover Moisture Masque has added ingredients to halt color fading

Directions for use:

A-1) apply to damp hair and massage for even distribution.
A-2) Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse and repeat if necessary.
B-1) if you need extra body use equal parts moisture masque & volume conditioner
C-1)For Enhanced results apply a Heat Cap or 20 minutes & let cool before rinsing
           See Hair Matters Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment for more details & directions.

(more about  Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque | Framesi Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque)

(as seen on the Hair Matters Best Deep Conditioning for Damaged Hair page)


Processing Caps

We use the Processing cap over the hair to retain heat from the scalp and improve the conditioning results. They can also be used as a shower cap to keep hair dry.  Processing caps may be recycled through the clothes washer several times before discarding. (They do not survive the clothes dryer.)

10count Processing Caps - $2.49
30count Processing Caps - $5.99


Processing Caps

Biogenol Conditioners
Leave In Conditioner      Moist-In Conditioner      Moisture Rinse Conditioner      Reconditioner
Step 7 Conditioner      Ultra Deep Masque      Heat Cap      Processing Caps


Biogenol Styling Aids
  Bodifying Foam   Forming Glaze   Pro Form   Snapp  

Biogenol Forming GlazeBiogenol Glaze | Framesi Forming Glaze | Framesi Biogenol Forming Glaze


click to try--->>BY Pearl Glaze which is also made by the Framesi Company

   8.4oz   BY Pearl Glaze   $13.50  17.00


By Pearl Glaze | By Glaze | Framesi By Glaze


Biogenol Pro Form | Framesi Biogenol Pro Form Thermal Setting LotionBiogenol Pro Form thermal setting lotion



- Sorry All Gone by i.dentity | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products

Biogenol Snapp curl rejuvenator

Biogenol Snapp | Framesi Biogenol Snapp | Snapp Curl Rejuvinator



- Sorry All Gone

also try ABBA Pure-Curl-Finish  click here --> Abba Hair Products - Pure Curl Finish   or
also try ABBA   Pure-Curl-Prep  click here -->
Abba Hair Products - Pure Curl Prep

both of these I.Dentity
are a cream not a spray


Biogenol Styling Aids
 Bodifying Foam   Forming Glaze   Pro Form   Snapp 


Biogenol Hair Sprays
Design Spray   Finishing Spray  

Biogenol Design Spray aerosol spray, can 

- Sorry All Gone.


BY Pearl Hair Spray $17.96 21.96 (slightly lighter hold than Design spray)   

BY Lava Hair Spray $17.96 21.96 (slightly stronger hold than Design spray)

BY SoStiff Hair Spray $17.96 21.96 (very stiff hold hair spray)                    




Biogenol Design Spray

Biogenol Finishing Spray firm hold pump

Biogenol Finishing Spray | Framesi Finishing Spray Hair Spray




 All Gone  - Try Framesi Identity Hold-Up Hairspray Pump Can
also try Roffler Sculpt Mist Firm Hold Hair Spray


 hold.up - i.dentity styling spray -hair spray | Framesi I.Dentity Hair Care Products



Biogenol Hair Sprays
Design Spray    Finishing Spray 





33.8oz pump for Liters     $3.23
128oz  pump for Gallons   $5.76


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